What’s with this name???

toby instagramHello, we’re Joyce and Cait. Chances are you have no clue who WE are but you may know our bosses, Toby and Leo. Yup, that’s right…

   …We’re just two B(itches) serving our furry bosses. 

Tobes and Leo met on Instagram. (WAY safer than Tinder btw) They soon discovered a shared love of pizza, sarcasm, and complaining about their crazy, pawparazzi momagers.

Eventually the momagers finally were allowed to meet and from there the ball got rolling.

Both the Bosses and the B’s wanted to shower the world with more smiles, laughs, and of course praises of food. Who DOESN’T worship pizza?? And even though Tobes and Leo eye-rolled through most of the creative brainstorming…they DID have to admit that every now and again their momagers had a good idea or said something funny. Of course T and L would never actually admit that to the B’s, but they would smirk to each other.

Boss and B is dedicated to ALL the little, and not so little, (here’s looking at you Saint Bernard!!) Bosses out there! Who each have their own B’s wrapped around their furry little paws.

What’s a B?!?!

…we are the ones who bend down to tie our shoe, looking up to see a not-so-patiently waiting Boss staring at us. Eyes saying, “Hurry up, let’s go already!!”

…we are those who ‘share’ a bed with a Boss. Read as waking up crammed against the wall with the Boss’s paw stuck in your ear.

…the humans spending more on special food and treats for the Bosses than they spend on themselves.

…B’s are the ones who have closets that pale in comparison to the Boss’s.

…WE are the ones manically checking Instagram and managing the accounts of the Boss. The first step in overcoming addiction is recognizing there is an issue. 😉IMG_2021

Who’s the Boss???

The Bosses…despite the hard time they may give those ‘crazy B’s’ loves us more than anything. The Boss is true friendship and love in the purest form.

The Boss will love the B no matter what. And THAT is why we, the B’s, will always happily be the ones with a little paw crammed into our ear canal.


boss and b logo dog