Boss of the Week – Miss Maggie Mae

Get ready to meet the CUTEST little Southern Belle around for this week’s Boss of the Week!! But don’t be fooled, @_miss_maggiemae may be pint sized but FULL of sass and wit…she is BOSS-tastic after all, duh?!?!

Anyone with two eyes can also tell you she’s got fashionista encoded in her DNA! Ladies #wcw her, boyfriend ‘Weege’ be keeping all those other boys in check with some mean side eye every time this cutie struts down the street…and word to the kiddies with a penchant for treating her like a stuffed toy, “You best check yo’self!” 😉

Without further adieu, @_miss_maggiemae!!

1) 1) Alright, why don’t you start with giving us an introduction to your fine self! Let’s put the names to the paws, how old you are, and what got you into Instagram?

Hi, my name is Maggie Mae I’m a 6 year old yorkie! Our extended family suggested we start my own IG account to share my cute and silly pictures of with the world!
Of course being the boss over here I had already told “the momager” to get me an agent. 🙈

2) Can you tell us a little about how you and your humans met and how you came to be the Boss of an awesome new family?

I was chosen as the “empty nest” replacement…… whatever that means! But I quickly became and took over the ENTIRE NEST! Including the remote 🙊
FullSizeRender (13)
3) What are some of your favorite things? Food obviously must be involved somewhere! 😉

My favorite things are driving my car, and dressing up!
FullSizeRender (12)
Being a Southern Belle is serious work!

4) What are some things you’re particularly good at? Any secret talents you have, any tricks?

I’m very good at managing the staff at “momagers” office everyday! Her clients think I’m spoiled, I have no idea why they think that. I’m just good at my job.
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5) What is something that even some of your most favorite Instagram buddies may not know about you or be surprised to learn?

I think my friends might be surprised to know that I DO NOT like small children. Seriously, I’m not a toy to be thrown around, don’t you agree? : )
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6) What are some of your must-follow favorite accounts?

I love so many accounts on IG but my favorite is @luigi_the_yorkie 🙊. “Weege” is
my boyfriend and one of my very first followers. Our moms have become great friends. Maybe this Southern Belle will go to New York and meet them one day! He is absolutely “THE BOSS” up there!

7) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?

I love my family the most because they show me unconditional love and absolutely make no plans that do not include me! 😁

8) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?

I’m so blessed to be with my family I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

A most fashion forward BOSS-ette indeed, thank you @_miss_maggiemae !!

All you guys go FOLLOW and spread some love to @_miss_maggiemae!!

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