Boss of the Week – Max the Shihtzu

I dare say this week’s Boss not only takes the cake but if you’re not careful he’ll swipe your waffles too! Meet @maxtheshihtzu and Max has earned LIFETIME hero status for all dogs around with his infamous waffle stealth stealing abilities!! Not sure there’s more of a Boss move around, teach those humans a lesson for holding out on the shares’ies. 😉

But no pawparrazzi could stay mad at this cute little face, and Max not only wins over all the humans but is quite the ladies man. Cue the bae train, his date card reads “likes long walks by the river” and we already know he’ll ante up the finest of cuisines for any lucky cutie. Start your swooning.

We’ve told you just a few of the reasons WE love @maxtheshihtzu , now let’s have Max dish up even more reasons you should follow this suave Boss:

Max on bird a Boss!!

Max on bird patrol…like a Boss!!

1) 1) Alright, why don’t you start with giving us an introduction to your fine self! Let’s put the names to the paws, how old you are, and what got you into Instagram?

My name is Max and I will be turning 7 on June 22nd. I’m a Shihtzu/Bichon cross but mostly Shihtzu as you can tell! My mom loves dogs and enjoys looking at all the cute pups on IG. She thought we should join in on all the fun and started my account. We love our IG family so much!

2) Can you tell us a little about how you and your humans met and how you came to be the Boss of an awesome new family?

My family adopted me from a small town outside of the city. I was a good ole farm boy! I was 8 weeks old and the last puppy on the farm. My mom fell instantly in love with me and knew I was the right one for the family!

3) What are some of your favorite things? Food obviously must be involved somewhere! 😉

I love treats, especially greenies, and of course whatever the family is eating! I enjoy taking long walks by the river and going on hikes in the mountains. I love sleeping and cuddling with the fam at night. But chasing the birdies in the yard is my favourite thing to do!

4) What are some things you’re particularly good at? Any secret talents you have, any tricks?

I’m really good at running fast! I know lots of tricks like sit, shake, high five, roll over, dance and jump. Of course lots of treats are involved in the process!

All hail King Max! :)

All hail King Max! 🙂

5) What is something that even some of your most favorite Instagram buddies may not know about you or be surprised to learn?

Even though I’m a very social guy on IG, I’m actually shy when you first meet me. Once I get to know you I can be your best friend!

6) What are some of your must-follow favorite accounts?

I absolutely love all of my IG friends and I can’t single anyone out! They are all so unique and special to me!

7) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?

I don’t care what my fam jam is doing, if I want attention I’m going to get it by giving them the guilt look and pawing at them until I get what I want! They can’t resist!

8) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?

My whole family takes very special care of me and they never forget to take me on walks and play with me. I love them all! I’m very close with mama and follow her around everywhere. Every chance I get I’m on her lap cuddling and getting scratches and lots of kisses. She tells me everyday how much she loves me!

Eyes to melt the heart of ANY human!

Eyes to melt the heart of ANY human!

Cute AF, the perfect best friend, and faster than a speeding bullet…you’re four paws up BOSS-tastic, @maxtheshihtzu !! Thanks for joining the Boss side and you keep on keeping those birdies on their toes! 😉

All you guys go FOLLOW and spread some love to @maxtheshihtzu!!

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