Boss of the Week – Marshall

A’right, Friends…listen up! You could look high, low, and errrrvywhere in between and you’d still never find ANY pup as motherpuppin cool as this week’s Boss of the Week.

Meet @marshmallowpup09 holding court over a bevy of baes every flippin DAY over there in NYC!!
There’s really only one way to describe Marsh, and that’s: #flyAF.

Making the choice for adding this most BOSS-tastic dude to the crew a no-brainer! Heck…WE be #blessed to have Marsh join us and take a few minutes of his precious time to spill the beans on just HOW a pup can be so motherpuppin fly.

Grab a pen, paper, and get ready to take notes, guys… @marshmallowpup09 gonna be dishin, so best do your best to soak up some of that knowledge if you wanna up your fly game. Spoiler alert…turns out the ladies really do love the sensitive thug type. 😉

Collar poppin', bae scopin'.

Collar poppin’, bae scopin’.

1) Alright, why don’t you start with giving us an introduction to your fine self! Let’s put the names to the paws, how old you are, and what got you into Instagram?

Sup. My name is Marshall Percy Clark and I’m 2 motherpuppin’ years old! I gots into Instagram cuz my pawrents wanted to put my photos somewhere and share them with the fam and friends! They didn’t think they would ever make the account public! They had no idea I was gonna blow the pup up! HA!

2) Can you tell us a little about how you and your humans met and how you came to be the Boss of an awesome new family?

My Momma and her family had brought home two other shih tzus from the same breeder in the past, so they been all about the shih tzus for a while now! My Pops has never had a dog! He said he had a hamster once when he was a little thug! My pawrents met me when I was like a teeny tiny little itty bitty baby thug! About 3-4 months after I was born, they picked my butt up from Mahwah, NJ and brought me home to the Lower East Side in New York!

Yo, laides...

Yo, laides…

3) What are some of your favorite things? Food obviously must be involved somewhere! 😉

Hmmmm, my favorite things?! Let’s see! In no particular order, it would have to be the following:

Sitting on the stoop or a bench, sniffing butts, eating carrots, licking my Pops’ ears, cuddlin’ with my Momma, staring out the window of our apartment, playing with my friends in the hood, hanging with Brendan @RockysWalkers, CHICKEN, chasing after balls and not giving them back, taking naps in my pawrents’ bed!

4) What are some things you’re particularly good at? Any secret talents you have, any tricks?

I’m hella good at paw-shaking, high-fiving, sitting and looking cute AF while my photo is being taken, being super friendly with humans and dogs (unless they attack me or my Momma!)

5) What is something that even some of your most favorite Instagram buddies may not know about you or be surprised to learn?

I cry a lot. I’m super sensitive. It’s cuz like the babes are really into that sort of thing, but also cuz I get super upset when either my Momma or Pops is not around and/or someone is at the door and/or I see a cute puppy butt near me and I just GOTS to sniff it!

6) What are some of your must-follow favorite accounts?

Well it’s hard to single out any particular dog accounts, cuz they all be my friends and shiht! But if peeps be wanting to know of some of the other NYC accounts I follow then here they be! I like @FoodieMagician – that fool is hella thug! He always eatin 24/7/365! @RockysWalkers is a favorite too cuz I’m always on it and it’s helpful with spreading the word about my cute AF self to all them biddies out there! @NYCampCanine got the daycare game on lockdown fo sho! And last, but not least, my favorite swag and fluffin brand (aka clothing/grooming) is definitely @CanineStylesNYC! If you go there and get a cut or buy some new clothes then you’ll DEFINITELY get sniffed! HA!

Fresh of the runway and chattin the press up

Fresh of the runway and chattin the press up. Biz per usual, fools.

7) What makes you the motherpuppin’ boss of the house?

Oh definitely cuz I pull mad tail, yo! I be gettin’ all the Oooohs and Awwws from the baby girls out on the street! All the fellas want to know me or even be me! I run this hood! I’m the Lower East Side Motherpuppa!

8) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?

My pawrents are hella thug! My Pops walks me all over the hood and sits on stoops/benches with me while I sniff out the talent! He shares all the pup-friendly fruit and veggies with me all the time! He’s my best bud! And my Momma runs the show! She gets all the cudds from me! She’s the real boss of the house! And I even be protectin’ her cute butt from them bodega cats! Screw those guys! How dare they try and attack me and my Momma!

You thug enough to roll with this crew???

You thug enough to roll with this crew???

Thank you so much for your time @marshmallowpup09 and thanks for coming to the Boss Side! You instantly upped our street cred cuz ANY crew Marsh be joining be straight up the shiht!

Everyone go FOLLOW @marshmallowpup09 and catch all the leg humpin, straight thuggin action on the daily!

Think YOU have what it takes to be a Boss?!?! Tell US!! Remember…Selecting Boss of the Week works on a nomination basis, check out Toby’s and Leo’s Instagram pages as we have both shared posts of where you can nominate. All you need to do is leave a comment telling us whey YOU should be the Boss of the Week!!Even COOLER, you can nominate your friends and can do that by leaving us a comment tagging your buddy and telling us why we should make THEM the Boss of the Week! Easy as giving a dog a bone!

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