Boss of the Week – Josie the Pit

This week’s Boss of the Week has not only stolen the hearts of her ENTIRE family, BUT even wears their hearts on her back. 😉 Some may say it’s just a heart-shaped fur pattern on her back, but we ALL know the truth! Just further proof that this adorable (not so little anymore) cutie is the Boss of the house!

Meet @josiethepit and for those that have followed her from the start (Like Leo has!) we’ve watched this itty 8-pound pittie grow up into…well, a woman never shares her weight, but JoJo is surly much more than 8 pounds now. 😉 But it’s ALL muscle, this girl can bust out a 10k run in 47-minutes!

josie the pit

Yass!! Jojo showing off her Boss Tote and TRULY living that Whip Lyfe!!

Enough of our running off the mouth…without further adieu…meet @josiethepit !!

1) Alright, why don’t you start with giving us an introduction to your fine self! Let’s put the names to the paws, how old you are, and what got you into Instagram?

First, I need to give a BARK-out to both Leo and Tobes…it’s beyond PAWsome to be chosen as “Boss of the Week!” OK…my name is Josie, AKA: JoJo and JoJo-Bean. As for how I PAWed my way onto Instagram, my family couldn’t resist spreading my itty-bitty-pittie cuteness to the masses…at least that’s the story I’m running with 🙂 .

2) Can you tell us a little about how you and your humans met and how you came to be the Boss of an awesome new family?

My mom was scrolling through FB and saw that a family of one of her friends had two female pitties that had litters a week apart…19 in all, and my mom just KNEW she had to rescue one of them. My mom and dad drove four hours to see ALL of my litter-mates when I was just two-weeks old and when my mom saw the heart-shaped pattern on my left side she knew I was the one!

3) What are some of your favorite things? Food obviously must be involved somewhere! 😉

boss of the week


My very favorite thing to do is play fetch…I could play for hours and hours. I also like running with my dad…I’ve run a 10k with my dad in 47mins and my dad says I’ve got a lot more in me. Of course who doesn’t build up an appetite while running around?! So, a close runner-up to fetch and running is eating doggy treats!

4) What are some things you’re particularly good at? Any secret talents you have, any tricks?

I would have to say I’m quite adept at batting my puppy-eyes in order to get out of any wrongdoing such as, say, destroying a big doggie bed or chewing a hole in my family’s leather sofa. (Oops!!) My tricks are modest, but those that I’ve learned I’ve mastered: sitting, staying, lying down…and being a cutie-patootie 99.9% of the time.

5) What is something that even some of your most favorite Instagram buddies may not know about you or be surprised to learn?
I’m a bit of a “misfit” in my home as my brother and sisters include two Boston Terriers and one Frenchton, all squishy-faces, but they accepted my long-snout and all from day one!

pitbull puppy

Josie and her siblings snooze-festing like Bosses!!

6) What are some of your must-follow favorite accounts?
It goes without saying that @leotheschitz and @toby_littledude are on the top of the list, but others include: @perfectpits , @pits , @stinkypenelope , @remixthedog , @whogivesapit and @3bulldogges .

7) What makes you the boss of the house?

Even though I’m the youngest fur-baby in the house, I’m the bossiest of the bunch and that could be because I’m double the size of Miso, Coco and Tito, and because I’m the only one with a tail. I use it to swat them out of my way as my tail is always going a mile a minute! 😉

8) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?

My family loves me unconditionally…no matter what shenanigans I manage to throw their way. Being a Pittie, I need quite a bit more exercise than my brother and sisters do, so my dad not only takes me for runs, he also takes me on long walks and to nearby dog parks! Above all, they give me all the hugs, chest rubs and back scratches a dog could want, and in return I smother them with BIG FAT KISSES!


JoJo Bean and her mom and dad….Boss-tastic!!

And who WOULDN’T welcome a big FAT kiss from you, cutie?! Thank you so much @josiethepit for sharing and we are PUMPED to have such an awesome Pitt to add to our Boss Crew!!

All of you awesome friends go check out and FOLLOW @josiethepit and show her some love!!

Think YOU have what it takes to be a Boss?!?! Tell US!! Remember…Selecting Boss of the Week works on a nomination basis, check out Toby’s and Leo’s Instagram pages as we have both shared posts of where you can nominate. All you need to do is leave a comment telling us whey YOU should be the Boss of the Week!!Even COOLER, you can nominate your friends and can do that by leaving us a comment tagging your buddy and telling us why we should make THEM the Boss of the Week! Easy as giving a dog a bone!

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