Boss of the Week – Ricco Paparazzi

He may be little but don’t be fooled, THIS week’s Boss of the Week is GIANT on the personality, MEGA on the rockstar, and has a SUMO-sized obsession with food!! 😉 Hey, we can we all agree those are about three of the most Boss-Tastic qualities around!

Meet @riccopaparazzi !! Ricco is in fact one of the Food-Quadsome, Leo is also a proud member, but we chose Ricco as this week’s Boss not ONLY because he recognizes love begins with a pizza and ends with a donut…but also because he has those humans properly wrapped around his little paw and his quick wit always makes us laugh! Enough of US telling you why he rocks…welcome to the stage, Mr. Ricco Paparazzi!!

Hellllllo, ladies....

Hellllllo, ladies….

Hi my name is Ricco Paparazzi. I got the last name Paparazzi Because when I first came to my forever home an aging starlet named Sophia Lauren lived here. She was the most beautiful raven haired toy poodle I had ever seen. I was MADLY in love with her and stalked her relentlessly.

My Mama would say, “He is like the Paparazzi.” Plus, they said I was so naughty I needed a first and last name to holler…hehe. I am one year old and 6 pounds of solid fluff. I am the smallest, yet most destructive pup, they have ever had.

Every day is a new disaster. Here is a list in no particular order: I was stung by a bee 🐝I guess they don’t like to play despite that happy buzzing sound they make. I have been zapped two times by chewing through electrical cords..Shocking… 😉 I have gnawed on all the wood molding in the house. Door frames are my favorite! I duct taped myself to the kitchen floor… (FYI rolls of tape are not your friend).

I am the Boss of my house an all the outside area as well. Air traffic control included. I guide all planes✈️ choppers🚁 and birds 🕊safely over my airspace. I also love to play ball 🎾 and if you have a working arm it BETTER be tossing me the ball!

Stick the size for a BOSS!!

Stick the size for a BOSS!!

I am obsessed with sticks, I am building my own pad…ya know, for when all my baes come over. 😉 My best friend is my Big Bro, Cooper the Great Dane . He is the sweetest lap dog you ever want to meet.
They say firefighters get all the hot girls, right?!?!

They say firefighters get all the hot girls, right?!?!

My talents are: I really do 🎶Sing🎶on my rock. The birds love to gather in the branches so I sing to them, naturally I always get a standing ovation…err, would that be standing aviation?? 😉 The neighbors love my outdoor concerts.

My hidden talent is that I am a thief. I steal anything not nailed down: wallets, rugs, panties, slippers, socks, hats, pacifiers, jewelry…it goes out through my doggie door never to be seen again. No one has yet to discover my super secret hiding spot.

Besides your guys two as favorite accounts (@toby_littledude and @leotheshihtz) I could never pick just a few, as they are all my favorites!! So, please scroll through the accounts I follow for some quality accounts! Each and every one brings a unique presence to IG, for which I am grateful.

That’s a wrap boys!! Thanks for the chance to be the Boss of the Week!!!

Careful!! I'm so hot it's dangerous to look directly at me! ;)

Careful!! I’m so hot it’s dangerous to look directly at me! 😉

Thank YOU, @riccopaparazzi !!! You’ve proven to be the most musically talented Boss so far…when you go on tour would you mind letting us be a part of your entroage?? We’ve never been in a private jet!!

Go check out and FOLLOW @riccopaprazzi !! And be sure to come back next week to see who our next Boss of the Week is!

Think YOU have what it takes to be a Boss?!?! Tell US!! Remember…Selecting Boss of the Week works on a nomination basis, check out Toby’s and Leo’s Instagram pages as we have both shared posts of where you can nominate. All you need to do is leave a comment telling us whey YOU should be the Boss of the Week!!Even COOLER, you can nominate your friends and can do that by leaving us a comment tagging your buddy and telling us why we should make THEM the Boss of the Week! Easy as giving a dog a bone!

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