Boss of the Week – Hayden and Paris

Let’s be honest, Mondays can be kinda (a LOTTA kinda) brutal…BUT, what’s the awesome thing about Monday? It means we get to meet our NEW Boss of the Week!!

Remember…Selecting Boss of the Week works on a nomination basis, check out Toby’s and Leo’s Instagram pages as we have both shared posts of where you can nominate. All you need to do is leave a comment telling us whey YOU should be the Boss of the Week!! Even COOLER, you can nominate your friends and can do that by leaving us a comment tagging your buddy and telling us why we should make THEM the Boss of the Week! Easy as giving a dog a bone!

Drumroll please…..

Meet Boss of the Week @haydenyparis !!! These two awesome Bosses not only have rule of the house…BUUUUT, did you know, in fact, that Hayden is Boss of the Universe?! It’s true, he told Leo himself…and we are all just lucky enough to be orbiting around his fine Boss self. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hayden and his brother Paris are like yin and yang, little Paris is always smiling and Hayden is *ah hem* well, let’s just say the one picture he posted of him smiling darn near broke the internet…bwahaha….but what we can ALL agree on is they have their Momager wrapped around their paws…but, don’t take our word for it…
boss of the week hayden
1) Alright, why don’t you start with giving us an introduction to your fine self! Let’s put the names to the paws, how old you are, and what got you into Instagram?
My name is Hayden, I’m 12 years old and I am the boss at home, Paris is my son, (at least that’s what our human always says) he’s 9 years and likes to think he’s a boss too, but he isn’t. We decided to join IG to meet other bosses from all around the world and learn new tricks from them so our reign won’t be ever compromised.

2) Can you tell us a little about how you and your humans met and how you came to be the Boss of an awesome new family?

Our human used to live alone and was thinking of getting some company but she had never had a dog before, one of her friends told her a guy that worked with him had a yorkie that had just had some puppies. There were two males,ย they sent pictures to our human and obviously she fell for me immediately.ย ย  Paris was brought home two years later when he was just 45 days,ย  Iย  didn’t like him then… I don’t like him much now either ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

3) What are some of your favorite things? Food obviously must be involved somewhere! ๐Ÿ˜‰

My favorite things are my plush bone and my old teddy bear, they are both super old and stinky but for me they are priceless. Paris loves our human, she’s for him the equivalent of my plush bone. We both loves treats, cookies, chicken, our human doesn’t eat meat very often. The first time she ate chicken in front of us, we looked at her all distraught thinking she was eating OUR lunch.
The LOOK of a Boss!!
4) What are some things you’re particularly good at? Any secret talents you have, any tricks?
We are very good at keeping visitors away, we love to have our human only to ourselves, so we make this trick when we want them to leave, we start fighting with each other, people get scared and end up leaving. We don’t hurt each other, it’s just a show, a very convincing one.

5) What is something that even some of your most favorite Instagram buddies may not know about you or be surprised to learn?
Mommy hasn’t cut my hair in 7 years, it doesn’t grow too much. Once Paris bit his tongue and cut it so one small piece is missing.

6) What are some of your must-follow favorite accounts?

It’s hard for us to mention just a few. We obviously follow each of you, Leo always puts a smile on our face with his sarcasm and Tobes always has the best lines. Our closest buddies are @riccopaparazzi, @ntkachenko12 @eclaireisabear @kyara_kyara @honey.poo.poo @threeyorkiesmom @xaroulamatsarokou @brady_bubbles @yorkiepupi … We could be naming accounts all day…

7) What makes you the boss of the house?

Well, we set the rules at home, our human’s decisions are always made considering our well being. We always come first, she even tries to cook for us (awfully, but at least she tries!).

8) We know you’re the boss, but tell us what makes your human special and how do you show you love them mostest?
Well, even though I didn’t choose her, as she chose me, we love her cause she treats us as kings and we feel loved and protected by her. She knows she’s special to us cause she’s the only one that can lift me in her arms without being hurt, nobody else can do that. And Paris can spend hours just looking at her.
Manbun game STRONG!!

CONGRATS @haydenyparis we are HONORED to have you join the Boss side!! Everyone go check out and follow these Boss-TASTIC buddies!!!

Are YOU a Boss?! Don’t be shy, let us know! Nominations for NEXT week are on NOW…so leave a comment telling us how you Boss!! Leave a nomination on Tobes’ or Leo’s Insta feeds…BOSS ON!

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